Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bail Bonds and General Catch Up

Who was it that thought of the "I'm done!" beeper sound on washers and dryers? Did they really think we needed to hear it FIVE times before we could comprehend what the dreadful, incessant beeping is telling us? And, who is it, in my house, that is always turning the warning beep back on, once I finally remember to turn it off? And why is the whole thing more annoying at almost midnight?

*Sigh.* Rant over.
On the way home from church today Mia asks what bail bonds are. So I launched into a great explanation that I was really quite proud of. I mean, can all moms make bail bonds so clearly understandable to seven year olds? And you can't tell about bail bonds without making up a thrilling example of a crime. And a crime scene gets even better when you take a rabbit trail into forensic science and DNA testing. It made me just a little sad that I only had 8 minutes in the car instead of the old 20 minute drive. Ok ... done with that. I just needed to blog about the conversation so that if Mia is someday a crime scene forensic scientist ... I can get the credit.

A lot of life has happened in the last few weeks since I last blogged. A quick list:

We bought a house. We moved. We've LOVED our new place.

We've watched 2 seasons of 24. Keifer is the coolest name.

Christmas came and went. Collin and I had the joy of burning the Christmas tree on Christmas day! Kaisha made a crazy last minute dash to see the cousins that day ... so we were freeeeee to burn the tree! We dashed the Christmas card tradition this year ... not a single word did I write, not a single picture sent. Nada. We were packing and moving and selling instead. We spent part of Christmas Eve at the hospital. Not in the ER, thankfully. Just in the cafeteria hanging out with our friends whose dad was also working that night. Mia tried to pick up every antibiotic resistant bacteria possible by going barefoot when we went up to see him in the PACU. Does anyone else have a child that does that? Takes her shoes and socks off at every opportune moment? Very bad in hospitals.

Collin started back to Whatcom. His third quarter there. English 102, Calculus, and Spanish. He likes the math class, but the others he would pay a mighty penance to get out of! He loved hanging out with Caleb and the guys on Christmas break.

Kaisha is in the thick of her second accounting class. She and accounting are not the best of friends. She cut her bangs herself. She has also played paintball, got beaten up by ice at the polar swim, drove 75mph on the freeway in town, and started running again.

How can you like going to swim practice 3 or 4 times a week for over a year? Alissa amazes me. She just keeps loving swimming. She got to move to the "one minute thirty five second lane" during the daily 6 100's they've been doing. She also took a flip turn too deep the other day and has a nasty scrape on her shoulder from it. It basically looks totally cool.

Mia started her orthodontist career. She now has metal things in her mouth and we have payments. She's also read a good twenty books the last few weeks. I'm so thankful for a friend that is helping me find good books for her to read! She has fully exhausted my good books for kids knowledge base.

Me? Well, besides buying a house, and selling a house, and cleaning a house, and moving a house, and showing a house ... I've been keeping everyone moving in the correct general direction. And I've also been jogging. Slowly. But, I do think it still qualifies as jogging. Despite what Collin and Alissa say.

Ania's just busy being cute. Most of the time. And kindof loud all the rest of the time. I'm catching glimpses of the little girl inside the toddler. She's sweet and full of ideas and life and spunk.

And it's wayyyy too late to be up and blogging.

Oh, and hop over and read Kaisha's post on Tiffany. I loved it.


Brenda said...

So good to see a new post from you! When you get the time, put up some pics of your new home! I can't wait to see them!

Alissa said...

Actually I didn't do a flip turn to deep. I was bit by a shark but I twisted I he missed mostly. :)

Alissa said...

he missed :)

Kristine said...

Oh, right. I forgot about the shark that lives in the pool at the aquatic center. Thanks for clarifying!

Anonymous said...

Makes me tired just reading all that is goin on.


Alissa said...

YEAH, normally they have it in a cage in the corner, but a little kid let it out. :o

Kristine said...

what's the shark's name? is that why the kids on your team are such good swimmers? they just sic the shark on um and then they have to swim fast for their lives?