Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today's THE Day!

Only God could have planned a script this good! Two thirty-something couple-friends filling out adoption paperwork at the same time, both picking the same agency and country but for different reasons. Two babies born halfway around the world to women who were unable to parent, who bravely picked the United States for their babies' futures. Through a series of tiny, orchestrated details the babies end up on the same flight to their new world. Our stories were so intertwined that even the adoption agency got our names mixed up on the final documents; no, Eric is Marie's husband, not mine. The whole story was/is a gift from the Lord.

So, today, we celebrate!! (Marie and I so proud of not forgetting ... which has happened.) We watched the videos from the airport. Talked about Adrienne's baby hair and Mia's lack of it. Noticed how silly we all looked seven years ago ... Brett's beard, my overalls, Chris's haircut. Kaisha and I realized that Kaisha was holding Amanda in the video! All the kids were so little.

We ate rice and potstickers. Marie had decorated the table all cute. The girls put on their five-sizes-too-small hanboks. We talked about buying them new ones that actually fit. Marie had cute purses with prizes inside for Mia, Ania and Adrienne.

So, we came, we saw, we celebrated. We decided that we are all much cuter now than we were back then. We laughed at ourselves and at each other. We were so glad to have Jonathon in on our party. (He came late, or of course he would have been in the group pic! You gotta love a guy who sits through footage of signing legal documents!) We enjoyed the friendships of our families. And we marveled in the grace of God displayed in lives of Mia and Adrienne, Ani too. You have to wonder ... where would any of us be without Him?


Annie said...

I love the picture of the girls in their cute! Happy adoption day to them both!

Brenda said...

Add the gotcha-day picture! I was just looking at some the other day and giggled about how we looked too! Amanda was in 2nd grade... now that is Thomas's grade and he looks so much like her at that time. Anyhow, I digress... the pictures are sort of funny and cute all at the same time.

Kristine said...

It was on the video. The pictures from that day aren't digital ... I would have to hunt it up, then scan it. Not thinking I can squeeze it in right now. :o(

Alissa said...

That one pic with all of us on the couch. Talk about squish. :o) lol