Monday, August 24, 2009

Eighteen Reasons

Eighteen reasons the weekend was good ... not in order of importance. (No offense Granteepoo!)

1. Grant let me make him a mocha and Collin got to hang out with him since he finished his classes.
2. Had a picnic in the park after church and we actually had something yummy to eat.

3.Went on a painful four mile run on N. Lake Whatcom trail.
4. The sun shined.
5. Kaisha organized the black shelf and Mia's school box. Ahhh ...
6. Papa cooked up some mean bbq ribs for a family dinner.
7. The cousins came, stayed, ate, played, laughed, bounced and hung out overnight both nights.

9. I vacuumed at least 100 fruit flies and have reduced their population to a meager remnant.
10. Abbie-girl came over and I got a hug.
11. The second service at Grace Church Bellingham was wonderful; loved Dale's teaching on communion.
12. We had a coffee date, the girls and I. With Kat who was visiting from Maui. We love this girl!

13. Thomas spent his first night at our house and was a perfect guest.
14. Dax's introduction to the Ephesians study was fantastic; a summary of all that I've been learning the past couple years.
15. I was given free motorcycle gear! A helmet, gloves, and some rockin' boots!
16. Grace was little-miss-cuteness and let me take her picture at the park.

17. I watched a great historical fiction movie on the Japanese occupation of China in 1937.
18. We got to visit and hang out with Jack and Brenda ... only to look forward to doing it again next weekend!!


tara said...

Okay, that sounds like a wonderful weekend! Are the sermons from Grace Church going to be online? I REALLY want to listen!! So many fun things on your list...I want to get together to hear more about them...

Leslie said...

You can certainly pack your weekend. Sounds cool. When are you going to post a photo of you in your bike gear?