Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wingy Hair is Way Cute

I feel so sorry for you if you don't know this kid. Really, I do.
He's cheerful and helpful and funny. He thinks. He can figure stuff out intuitively. He's level headed and isn't given to anger. He has the greatest sense of humor. He is trustworthy. And then there's the matter of his hair. I love his wingy long hair.
And what did he do to deserve such praise?
He went from being homeschooled his entire life to being the college-dude almost overnight.
Think about it ... he had never had a teacher other than me, he had never sat in a classroom with other kids (let alone kids with green mohawks), he had never seen a syllabus or eaten in a cafeteria, he had never faced a teacher that seemed to speak an illusive other language (aka Eng 100), he had never had to walk further than his bedroom to the living room to find a class, never forgotten his homework or his lunch at home, never had to stand in front of a room full of peers to give a presentation, had to read racist, pantheistic articles for school assignments, or had to walk in the woods to "empty his mind" and then had to write a paper on what he thought about while he emptied his mind!
We knew this first quarter at Whatcom would be a challenge for him and we were leaving lots of room for bumps along the way as he caught on to everything. He didn't need extra room for bumps along the way! It took him less than a week before he was on it! He tackled his first quarter in college amazingly! His attitude was amazing. His grades were amazing. Be amazed with us!
Nice work, Collin. You Rock.


Brenda said...

Collin, you are one great guy! You're almost as cool as your Uncle Jack (who is coming to properly harrass you this weekend)!

Amanda said...

Collin is aweosme. I can not wait to see my awesome cousin at your awesome house. It will be awesome.