Thursday, June 25, 2009

Operation Cousin Swap Complete and Half Birthday Party Girl

Kaisha, age 19 & Amanda, still age 14

A grand success! They finished season four of 24, ate popcorn, Italian sodas, jumped on the trampoline, shopped at Aero, drove all over the place, explored Kaisha's favorite coffee shops and parks, and well, watched a lot of 24! We managed to thoroughly convince Amanda that their family NEEDS to get text messaging on their cell phones. And we celebrated Kaisha's half birthday. (No, we don't celebrate all of our half birthdays ... just Kaisha's because we hardly give her the time of day on her real birthday, Christmas Eve. Well, that's slightly overstated, but we've always done the real hurrah in June.) In the end, the verdict is unanimous ... Cousin Swapping is the best and Amanda is ... well, perfect.

Kaisha's birthday dinner ... French toast made with Texas toast, fresh strawberries and peaches, and lots of whip cream. Mmmmm.


marie said...

Nice job executing cousin time and a birthday simultaneously! I'm so impressed.

Amanda said...

I had so much fun! Thank you so much for having me! We HAVE to do that again!

Janel said...

Cousins are so much fun. Happy (late) birthday Kaisha!