Monday, February 23, 2009

Just the Right Word

"Are there times when you know a word but you aren't sure what it means and you say it and it's all wrong?"

Last night Mia was explaining why she needed another blanket on her bed. Something about her drink of water making her tummy cold and when she is cold she needs another blanket because when her tummy is full of cold water it feels very distinctive. Distinctive? That's when she asked the question about a word being all wrong.

After church last night she did it. Used the wrong word. Wow. It was really the wrong word. Let's just say that I saved a certain someone from what was likely to become one of his most embarrassing moments. He owes me, but he doesn't know it. And Mia, completely innocent in her little word mix up.

Collin tells of a time when I wasn't home. Mia was SO mad at him. In what sounds close to a fit of rage, she yelled at him, "Collin, you are so ... so ... SATISFACTORY!" The kids all burst out laughing at her. Wrong word at just the wrong moment. Sigh.


SRE said...

Adalia was the queen of this. I remember her being three and playing on this little stepping stone in our yard insisting it was her "ballerina station". Then there wast the time at age four when she stood on the couch w/ a receiving blanket around her neck and shouted with glee: "I'm Super-Vision!"

Abbie said...

Lol...I'm just never entirely surprised by what comes out of Mia's mouth anymore. :)

lizziemarie said...

LOL!! ya, so funny! sounds like a proper nickname is in order; "Amy" from little women. :)

Marie said...

I love that girl. She is quite a testimony to God giving gifts and talents to us. She is so talented. And I love the humor that it creates--using the wrong word! But words that most 6 year olds don't even know the meaning of. I heard about last night. I SO wish I'd been there for THAT. Hugs!