Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow, at Last!

We LOVE snow! Every crazy flake of it! It's easy to do, I suppose, in a part of the country where you see so little of it. We anticipate it, welcome it, celebrate it, play in it, make snow syrup with it, think it looks cute all over the dog's face, and love the cozy inside world it makes.

Ania and Mia did a little romp in it recently. Little, mind you. It was well below freezing and the NE wind was blowing like mad. I was going to time them, but forgot. I think it was about six minutes. Less than the time it took to get them bundled up.

Sunday night we got all dressed up pretty to go to our small group Christmas party ... only to arrive and find out it was actually cancelled. Sadness. But Mia's curls did happen to make it into digital memory! Mia was solidly convinced that Kaisha should someday be a famous hairdresser "'cause she was so good at making curls!"

Other household trivia:

**Ania has a watery eyes, drippy nose cold. Sniff.

**The Christmas party for the PACU at our house went great! We loved having everyone to our home. There must have been 30-ish people. The white elephant game wouldn't have been the same without MJ (Brett's boss) getting the depends and other icky-nurse paraphernalia. Kaisha and I loved getting to know Sarah, MJ's daughter. By the end of the evening we wanted her to move in with us.

**Collin was dropped off an hour early from his driver's ed. drive on Saturday. He was "too good" (at driving) and didn't need the practice! My Bobby, he rocks!

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