Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Traditions

Who can possibly sleep in their own bed on Christmas Eve? Well, Brett and I. But the kids always sleep under the tree. Collin, being of a ripe old age, has brought his mattress off his bed this year. I told him that old ladies in Korea sleep on the floor every night! He could care less. We also have a tradition of giving each of the kids a gift on Christmas Eve ... just one ... always a book. So, they sit under the tree with only the Christmas lights on and read their books. Very cozy. The perfect making of good memories.


Marie said...

YOU are a FUN mom! When they're all old and married and sitting around together on Christmas Eve, they'll talk with fondness about sleeping under the tree...sweetness.

Kelsey said...

Beautiful pictures. Did Kaish' get a hair cut? =)

Oh and btw, I see the link to on your blog. Good to know someone else who likes that blog!
Merry Christmas!

Annie said...

We love doing this too! Our mom, aka "Santa", wouldn't let us be under the tree on Christmas Eve...she said she couldn't sneak in her presents that way. Oh well. We've (I should clarify that that means the kids...Mom and Dad declined to join in---party poopers!) slept under our tree twice so far this Christmas season, and hope to get at least one more night in before the tree comes down soon. It's such a cozy, fun, snuggly time! You adults really should try it! :)