Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scary Mono

You should see our teenagers laugh at some of Mia's stories. I'm not sure which is more funny. But for your entertainment pleasure here is the latest piece of work from our six year old. Complete with original spelling, punctuation and pictures. Keep the word "random" in mind as you read ... don't look for a deeper hidden meaning. And, may we all find our superhero koala friend.

Scary Mono 1 Story
Once upon a time there in the forest there was a very, very, very, very, loud thud. Mono a monster was looking for food. Mono was a monoster that's a word for very, very, scary monster. When anything goes out in front of him he eat's it. But very pretty and very hero people he doesn't eat. Heres a picture of Mono.
Do you know what Mono eats? heres the answer MEAT. Mono eats meat because Meat & Mono go together. Here you are going to see his wife. Her name is Melissa.
William is there child. So heres William. He loves Maria Mono. Here she is ... S-O-N is the only Son word Mono William can spell.

The End

Scary Mono 2

You remember Mono? Well today we are going to remember him! SO back in the forest there was a rather loud thud, that was Mono. This morning Mono was walking out in the forest. Doing his morni'n stroll, lookin for food. So the forest was fixed up so heres a picture of him ...

it's rather Christmasy in the picture! But really it's really not December. So along came Sammy his superhero Koala friend.


Uncle Eric said...

Mia, What happened to the Koala? I cant wait to find out. Mono sounds very very scary. Uncle Eric

Amanda said...

Go Mia! That is awesome! I love it!I am on the edge of my seat wating for the rest of the story! Please write another one!


Stormgirl said...

Oh this is such a great story!!!! I love it. We need to have more!