Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pages Finished

Between five kids, doctor appointments, surgeries and just the incredible busyness of this season of life, I haven't had any time to scrapbook since May. I even have this little table set up in our room for scrapbooking in between life's stuff, but it just collects dust. I was lamenting how I've hardly seen my parents for weeks and weeks and a synapse must have fired at just the right time in my overloaded little brain ... and, wa-la, the perfect plan. I called mom and invited myself and only two of the kids over for Sunday afternoon for a few hours of scrapbooking. My men held down the fort at home ... and the two little girls. The big girls and I hauled a bunch of stuff to Mom and Dad's. It was great. So relaxing. Good visiting. And I finished 7 pages.

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Marie said...

Clapping, cheering and all around Woo-hooing! Good job, friend. You make the most beautiful scrapbook pages ever. Really. I'm always so impressed.