Sunday, October 19, 2008

The things you thought your kids would never say

You have got to love a teenager. Especially mine. I haven't posted a blog for a few days, partly because I've been preoccupied with unbloggable events and partly just waiting for a cool new picture or something worthy to record. So here it is ... he's sitting at the table eating the self-serve, it's-late-and-I- haven't-eaten-yet, dinner. Pretty much minding his own business. Well, no, now that I think about it, he wasn't minding his business at all, he was giving me a bad time about what I was eating. We're all coming and going, eating, talking, Kaisha checking emails, the two little girls in bed. Collin goes outside in the dark on the porch for something and comes back in and says, "That was the awesomest sound I've ever heard!" (Yes, he said awesomest. And he said it with a hint of rare emotion.) Instead of correcting his poor English I ask the question that any fun-loving mom would ask, "What sound?" "The sound of my Top Ramen hitting the ground. I gave the rest to Welly." In the past my first inclination would be to reprimand him for wasting food ... but when the awesomest sound that your 16 year old has ever heard is the splat of icky noodles hitting the patio from a six foot drop it gives you reason to pause. Now, you have to be secure in your home schooling to look past it and realize that this is the shining moment you've been waiting for. The bloggable moment. You must record this event lest it be lost in a million discarded memories. So there. Now I can sleep tonight.

This picture is of Collin and Brett after their Mt. Baker climb in July. Happy, tired, tan & incredible. If I were to pick from all the men on the planet ... I'd chose these two! I love these guys.


tara said...

That is so funny. My girls LOVE Top Ramen...they beg me for it daily!? Weird...Oh, and awesomest is a great word! Nothing like being home learned!!

"What I like about your post..." is when you said you'd pick those two guys if you could choose that! I have three I'd choose! Oh, they're already mine!

Peter & Jessica said...

Wow. Thank you for preparing me for what is to come.

Hannah Marie said...

LOL!! This is so great!! It is so funny to see what people think is the "awesomest" thing ever. :D

Caleb Scansen said...

LOL! that is SOOO collieboo!! LOL!! i love it!!